Welcome to the Cheering Page for Todd Eldredge

What is HE made of?

What is HE made of?

Graceful skating and modest smile,

and fighting spirit he keeps to himself.

That's what Todd Eldredge is made of, we think.

And how do YOU think?

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We love you forever!!special photoI No.4 Since Jan.16 2001 9.Dec.2010 update
Come on!! Todd!!

Jan.2008 Stars on Ice 2008 tour in Tokyo
QOPO-QOPP season 9.Dec.2010New!
QOOW-QOOX season 16.Jan.2009
QOOV-QOOW season 24.Apr.2008
QOOU-QOOV season 3.Nov.2006
QOOT-QOOU season 16.Nov.2005
QOOS-QOOT season 15.Jan.2005
QOOR-QOOS season 23.Oct.2003
QOOQ-QOOR season 3.Mar.2003

QOOP-QOOQ season
Olympic Winter Games[Salt Lake City]


QOOO-QOOP season


'XX-QOOO season


'XW-XX season 24.May.2003
'XV-XW season
Olympic Winter GamesmNAGANOn
'XU-XV season

Todd of@QOPO-QOPP New Season@
Stars on Ice 2011 Japan tour
@ Osaka 8-9.Jan.2011 & Tokyo 15-16.Jan.2011
Happy Birthday Todd!!
August 28 is Todd's birthday. He becomes 39 years old!!

Todd of@QOOX-QO10@
@EEE @

Todd of@QOOW-QOOX@
Stars on Ice 2009 Japan tour
@ Osaka 10-12.Jan.2009 & Tokyo 17-18.Jan.2009

Todd of@QOOV-QOOW@
i`o`m nodm 2008(Saitama Super Arena 20.Apr.2008)
@Official site
Todd participated in this competition as a member of North America team again!!

@Carnival on Ice site Here!

Good job, Todd!!
Stars on Ice 2008 Japan tour (Sapporo 5-6.Jan.2008(add!), Nagoya 9-10.Jan.2008, Osaka 12-14.Jan.2008 & Tokyo 18-20.Jan.2008!)
@infoFTV-TOKYO@Oficial@site@e+ ticket site@Ticket PIA

Todd of@QOOU-QOOV@
i`o`m nodm 2007(Saitama Super Arena 29.Apr.2007)
@Official site
Todd participated in a competition as a member of North America team!!
It was great!!
Stars on Ice 2007 Japan tour (Sapporo 6-7.Jan.2007 & Osaka 8.Jan.2007)
@@infoFTV-Tokyo site @e+ ticket site@Ticket PIA@LAWSON Ticket
@@SOI 2005 in Japan

Todd of@QOOT-QOOU@
Congratulations Todd!!
Todd and Megan made wedding ceremony in September.
Todd Eldredge.Net -- News & Photos

Todd of@QOOS-QOOT@
Stars on Ice 2005 Tour in TokyoiYoyogi  2&3.Jan.2005j Todd came to Japan! 15.Jan.2005
Congratulations Todd!! Todd plans to wed with Megan in July 2005.
Todd Eldredge News  Blades On Ice

Added some photos in 2000 The Four Continents page!! (Other skaters, too.) 6Jul.2003

Todd of@QOOQ-QOOR@
Could find Todd's photograph in the World Championships official site!
  Click mSkater Galleryn
Todd participated at the gHallmark Skater's Championshipsh in Columbus, OH, on December 14th.

TV broadcast plan in Japan -- NHK-BS1 Jan. 4&5th. 7:00-8:30 PM
Todd retired from amateur, and joined STARS ON ICE !
@STARS ON ICE Official site

Todd of@QOOP-QOOQ@
--Thank you very much for many dreams!!--

Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games@q6thr

2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships@q1str

Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final qSthr

Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge

Sears Canadian Open

Trophy Lalique@ qQndr

Skate Canada @qRrdr


@Todd of@QOOO-QOOP@@

2001 World Figure Skating Championships@q3rdr

2001 Grand Prix of Figure Skating FinaliYoyogij qcanceledr 9.Sep.2005

2001 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships@qwithdrawnr

2001 U.S. Figure Skating Championships@q2ndr

2001 Japan OpeniYoyogij@q3rdr 19.Feb.2002

Skate Canada@ q2ndr

Skate America@q3rdr

@ Top

@Todd of@XX-QOOO@

2000The Four Continents Figure Skating ChampionshipsiOsakajq4thr 6Jul.2003

2000 Japan OpeniYoyogij@q2ndr@18.Feb.2003

Skate Canada@q4thr


@Todd of@'XW-XX@

1999 Japan OpeniYoyogij@q3rdr 24.May.2003

@Todd of@'XV-XW@

1998 NAGANO Olympic Winter Games q4thr

@Todd of@'XU-XV@

1997 Japan OpeniYoyogij q3rdr

@under construction@EEEEE

A skater who creates the most beautiful flow on the ice,

Todd Eldredge.


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There are lots of photos from Nagano, too.

Please visit us and have a fun.

We welcome your opinion or impression both for Todd

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