Todd of ’2001-2002 season 
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Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games 〈6th〉

2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships 〈1st〉

Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 〈4th〉

Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge

Sears Canadian Open

Trophy Lalique  〈2nd〉

Skate Canada  〈3rd〉

Todd retired from amateur at last, and joined STARS ON ICE !
 STARS ON ICE Official site
Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games 26.Feb.2002
  Olympic was over!!
Thak you Todd, and every skaters!!

Exhibitions23.Feb Todd skated in Exhibition especially. He performed with program of "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera"
・The program was played ever at '01 Japan Open, in Japan. But, his costume was the same as '99 Japan Open (Interpretive Free Skating).
Men FS was over15.Feb ・Todd did wonderful performance at free skating, and got 6th place! We was glad, because he was very satisfactory face!! Thank you very much, Todd!! Results Here!  Detailed Classification Ice Calc
Men FS Starting Order14.Feb ・Todd has drawn 1st in the 3rd group. TEN GO! GO! TODD!!!!
Men SP was over13.Feb ・Todd was 9th after Short Program・・・Ice Calc
Men SP Starting Order11.Feb ・Todd has drawn 25th out of 29 in the men's short program!
 TEN News
Opening Ceremony9.Feb ・Great! Todd was one of Olympians who carried the World Trade Center Flag into the stadium.
・Later, Todd entered the stadium with a bright smile with the U.S. Olympic Team.

Web site→ Olympic Winter Games Official site
Ice Calc Results site
TEN Salt Lake Event Page
yahoo Photo Gallery
Toddy's Bar News page(Japanese)

The U.S. Olympic, World Figure Skating Team 21.Jan.2002
  ・Todd was selected for Olympic and World Championships!!
US Championships page teams announced page
2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships 11.Jan.2002

Official site  usfsa  US Championships page
・Todd is tied with Tim Goebel after short program!! Men SP Results page 9.Jan.2002
Todd won the U.S.Championships!!! And got his sixth title!!!!!! Results page 11.Jan.2002
Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 16.Dec.2001

Official site ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Official sits
・Todd was fifth after Short Program・・・ Men SP Results page 15.Dec.2001
・Todd was fourth after 1st Free Skating. Men FS1 Results page 15.Dec.2001
・Todd stays fourth place after 2st Free Skating. Men FS2 Results page Men Results page 16.Dec.2001
Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge 01/12/10

Sears Canadian Open 01/12/2

Trophy Lalique 16.Dec.2001

Official site 13.Nov.2001
Results page 17.Nov.2001

・Todd was 2nd after Short Program.  Results page 17.Nov.2001

Todd got second place!!  Results page 18.Nov.2001

・TV broadcast plan in Japan -- NHK Friday,23. Nov. 14:55-16:05 PM 〈Highlights of GPS first half〉 and NHK-BS1 Sunday,9. Dec. 7:00-8:50 PMTrophy Lalique 5.Dec.2001

NHK-BS1 Sunday,16. Dec. 6:00-7:50 AMTrophy Lalique Rebroadcast16.Dec.2001 
Skate Canada Last up date 8.Dec.2001

Official site 1. Nov.2001
・Todd was 4th after Short Program.  Results page 2.Nov.2001
usatoday report.
Todd got 3rd!!  Results page 4.Nov.2001

・TV broadcast plan in Japan -- NHK-BS1 Sunday,18. Nov. 10:00-11:50 AM 10.Nov.2001


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