Album #2 (11 to 20)

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20 20
Star falls in the south sky (JPEG 32KB)
An extra version, locus of star.
19 19
Wing greeting (JPEG 52KB)
I photographed a friend from the sky.
18 18
The shaking (JPEG 38KB)
Sometimes I am shaked.
17 17
A small cloud (JPEG 39KB)
Feel seem the air.
16 16
Thermal hit! (JPEG 44KB)
As higher as possible!
15 15
1000 meters high (JPEG 61KB)
Pilot like a high place.
14 14
Fly above the landing (JPEG 52KB)
See myself from the top.
13 13
Flight on the sea of cloud (JPEG 41KB)
I fly above the white sea which covers the ground.
12 12
Dancing in autumn sky (JPEG 69KB)
Fly in the autumn sky freely.
11 11
Fine space in the sky (JPEG 34KB)
White clouds and fine space.