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Eye contact (jpeg 51KB)
When I pass with friend at the air.
9 9
Go to the evening sun (jpeg 37KB)
I flight in evening sky.
8 8
A rendezvous in the sun set (jpeg 49KB)
I take photograph with friend in evening.
7 7
From a cockpit (jpeg 58KB)
landscape from Paraglider.
6 6
At the sky. (I want go to that sky) (jpeg 56KB)
I want to flight anywhere.
5 5
At the sky. (TURN!) (jpeg 74KB)
Paraglider turns right with bank angle.
4 4
A thundercloud covered sky (jpeg 30KB)
There black cloud comes!
3 3
A thundercloud in Mt. AKAGI (jpeg 57KB)
The cumulonimbus which grows on a AKAGI Mt.
2 2
A windsock (jpeg 35KB)
The windsock which shines by blue sky.
1 1
At the sky. (Against the blue sky) (jpeg 67KB)
I took off in a Motor Paraglider under the blue sky