Macintosh Soft Support(Obsoluted)

This page is now going to be obsoluted !
You can download MakeDocDD here. But next time, this page will vanish.
Please check out my top page. Thanks.
MakeDocDD 1.0.2(PPC) with English Document(285K)
MakeDocDD 1.0.2(68K) with English Document(241K)
MakeDocDD 1.0.2(PPC) with Japanese Document(286K)
MakeDocDD 1.0.2(68K) with Japanese Document(241K)

(Last Update : 97/05/25)
This is a text file converter for the PalmPILOT from US Robotics/3com. The converted file can be used by 'AportisDoc' or 'J-Doc'. It is based on makedoc 0.7 by Pat Beirne.
( 'AportisDoc' is a consumer product by Aportis Technologies Corp., 'J-DOC' is shareware by Tatsushi Yamada. )
The additional feature is :

This is Freeware

Required Environment
* System7.5 or lator

Beta Testing : MakeDocDD 1.0.3b0
Thank you very much for debugging. :-) Please send me a bug report. Suggestions are welcome.

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