Album #6 (51 to 60)

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60 60
Aiming the ridgeline (JPEG 70KB)
I turned to the right, for searching updraft.
59 59
A weak updraft (JPEG 69KB)
I flew sticky, in front of takeoff area.
58 58
Sky of a tornado(funnel aloft) (JPEG 50KB)
It appeared from the bottom of dark clouds.
57 57
Fly through an inversion layer (JPEG 63KB)
I aimed at clear air, carrying out soaring.
56 56
Break the wind (JPEG 48KB)
I glide in the air, stepping the accelerator-bar.
55 55
Chase at the spiral stairs (JPEG 51KB)
I ride an updraft well and approach that paraglider.
54 54
The solar eclipse (JPEG 35KB)
The sun is shining behind the paraglider.
53 53
Manipulating a shadow (JPEG 66KB)
I manipulate a shadow in the ground and it makes pass that take-off area.
52 52
1000 meters high 2 (JPEG 54KB)
The high place has a good view.
51 51
The cruising (JPEG 52KB)
I was cruising in the blue sky.