Album #5 (41 to 50)

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50 50
The high bank turn (JPEG 47KB)
I take an updraft by the high bank turn.
49 49
To the head of the wing (JPEG 53KB)
The hang glider try to takeoff from now.
48 48
The weak thermal (JPEG 63KB)
I continue flight stickily, at 150m high.
47 47
Urban sky (JPEG 52KB)
The blue sky and cumulus reflected in the building window.
46 46
The special seat which overlooks the ground (JPEG 67KB)
It sees the state of the tandem flight from above.
45 45
A soaring flight near the mountain (JPEG 56KB)
I look for the thermal and flight along the slope.
44 44
Low altitude cruise (JPEG 56KB)
It arrives at the landing area soon.
43 43
Autumn sky (JPEG 48KB)
The cirrostratus colors autumn brightening sky, and one paraglider.
42 42
The cloud of evening (JPEG 35KB)
The cumulus which was lit up by the evening sun, it seems being red.
41 41
Sky of the typhoon passage (JPEG 58KB)
The scud flows one after another.