Album #4 (31 to 40)

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40 40
The country scenery (JPEG 67KB)
Field and woods.
39 39
Look up at wind blowing sky (JPEG 40KB)
With the fish-eye lens, I attempt to look up at the blue sky and the windsock.
38 38
Against wind from plain (JPEG 44KB)
The scenery which was seen by the takeoff point.
37 37
TITANIC tandem (JPEG 44KB)
I re-discovered the pleasure of the tandem flight.
36 36
Observes the stellar sky (JPEG 43KB)
Sometimes, I take the orb photograph.
35 35
Disappearing thundercloud (JPEG 43KB)
End of cloud lifetime.
34 34
The thermal which it seems that is but it is not (JPEG 67KB)
I expected that there was an updraft, and I headed to the place.
33 33
The top out (JPEG 57KB)
I take a thermal and overlooks takeoff point.
32 32
My wing (JPEG 42KB)
I look up at my wing.
31 31
I was seeing the setting sun (JPEG 44KB)
In the sunset scene, What is the pilot thinking of?