Album #3 (21 to 30)

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30 30
The dragon (JPEG 52KB)
The vinyl which dances in the whorl of hair wind seems to be a dragon.
29 29
A cloud which hides the sun (JPEG 45KB)
The radial blaze in the sun can be seen from behind cloud.
28 28
Look up at the wing (JPEG 49KB)
The paraglider which appears and disappears among of trees.
27 27
On the ground of snow (JPEG 50KB)
The paraglider is flying on the snow scene.
26 26
Dances in the winter sky (JPEG 66KB)
Receiving air in the cold winter, and splashes around.
25 25
Under the spreading cloud (JPEG 58KB)
The wing which dances in the sky with a background of white cloud.
24 24
Heads for the shining sunset (JPEG 35KB)
It is last flight in the day.
23 23
Evening sky (JPEG 33KB)
The sky is blue and the light is red.
22 22
Searching an updraft (JPEG 32KB)
Because the companion is the wind which can not be seen.
21 21
Powered tandem flight (JPEG 31KB)
Two rides are delightful unexpectedly.