Aerial Photo technique(2) Install on knee

I had introduced helmet-installation last time. This way is suitable for landscape picture in flight.

On the other hand, this time I introduce about a way to take oneself a figure in flight.
Of course, It is easy to take a picture from camera-holding hand. But it's difficult to photograph except a scene of straight line flight. Moreover extended arm also taken together in photo.

Install on knee

So, it is necessary for a camera is installed somewhere.
I think two way.
One of them photographed from camera fixed long stick tip, and otherwise is installation on foot or knee.(Now I introduced this way.)
An Above picture is the example which installed a camera in part of the knee.

magnification picture A merit of this way is a camera exists where I can reached. So, I can store a camera before landing.
( Anyhow, camera and lens are very expensive. If break it, I am shocked. Probably I won't be able to recover for a while.(^^; )

In my case, I am using small camera stand which had removed from tripod.
I take off without camera installing. And I install a camera in the sky.

When photography ends, I remove a camera. And then I can concentrate flight.

By the way, my favorite is Fish-eye lens.
At the sky. (TURN!) and Go to the evening sun were taken in this way.