Aerial Photo technique(1) Install on helmet.

Well, I introduce a concrete photography method. But probably there is a more better method, because this is only my experience story.
(Please teach me your method which you think "I am taking camera this way" or "This method is better".)

surface First, I introduce about helmet installation one of a camera fixation method.

This way's merit is both hands become freely. It is safely for Paragliding which use both hands to flight.
Different from one hand holding photography, I can concentrate piloting. It's comparatively easy to take a picture which close to a friend.

Other merit is I'm not necessary to watch a camera finder when take a picture. Because camera has fixed on helmet. If I want to change the direction, only move my head.

Anyway, the matter of importance is adjusting camera angle as same as an eye line.

magnification picture

I am using off-road motorcycle helmet.
First, fix a steel material on the helmet, and I put a camera on the pedestal which made of steel material.
A camera binds by a thick rubber band with steel material. Moreover coiling it by a Gummed tape. Don't forget provision of camera falling. (ex: connecting the camera with a helmet by a line)
A cord of cable switch passes inside of flight suit. Switch take out from sleeve, and it hold in hand.

But, the great defect of this way is "the head feels heavy".
In case of using single-lens reflex camera, a neck becomes painfully when I flight long time.
I think there are some expedient to prevent this symptom. It is...
1. The neck lean on Paraglider's riser when flying.
2. As much as possible useing light-weight camera.
3. Refining camera loading position to balancing weight.
4. Don't flight long time. (?)

@Please pay attention to taking aerial pictures too much. ;-)