Eyesight are 360 deg.

Overlooking This is the photograph at flight time which I took from a slantly back.
A leg seems shortly and head seems big because of I am using a fish-eye lens. (This isn't an actual figure...?)

I flew in this case, using a Motor Paraglider(Another name: Paramotor).
Motor Paraglider is able to also take off from the flat ground, and It can rise without updraft.
Of course, if an engine stops even though Motor Paraglider does't fall to the ground. It is as same as ordinariness Paraglider after engine stop.

Flight speed are about 30 to 40 km/h. We can take a not only either side course but also an altitude's variation freely.
I had forgot how high which took this photograph, I will be looked I feel about 200meters.

An exactly there is an takeoff & land area on surroundings shoes. Seeming white points are Canopy of the Paraglider which is opening.