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Information of WinSkan SSTV for windows interior application

Based the treaty recently established between JA6AQV,JA4HM and KA1LPA,the registration of Winskan SSTV for Windows can be now available in Japan.

WinSkan SSTV for windows regular version

*** We click TEXT.THUMBS and PREVIEW***

Main screen (Ver1.07R)

Action environment

Action machine type (PC98 is not confirming and not be act IBM PC and also a compatible)
CPU Recommendations of 486 DX 66 MHz over
Video card Recommendations of 32,000 color over
Correspondence OS Windows3.1/95/NT
Sound card Sound card that will work at 44k sample rate (Most Do)
Others Although we think that if WinPixPro and W95SSTV are environment which acts it has no problem
We would appreciate mail although it is trouble, if there be the machine type that does not act.
Shareware (demonstration version) Ver1.10S
Register (regular version) Ver1.10R

WinSkan SSTV for windows Main function of regular version

SSTV mode SCOTTIE 1/2/3/4/DX.
SCOTTIE DX2 (Winskan/ProSkan original HI-REZ)
SC 180
MARTIN 1/2/3/4
AVT 24/90/94/125/188
J 120 (Winskan/ProSkan original HI-REZ)
Pasokon P3/5/7
PD 120/180/240
Robot 36/72
B/W 8/12/24/36
FAX 180/180/220 (reception only)
PTT control PTT control possibility by using COM port
Thumnail Transmission image/reception image each, 9*20 pages possibility
It is automatic and a reception image possibility that take in to reception Thumnail
Text mode Color designated possibility in a letter, shadow, background
Adjustment It controls sharpnees, timing and do and a model filter
1200Hz tone, transmission sound level adjustment etc.
Header Optional font a designated passable, BMP by using original
Preparation possibility of a header
Call ID When it communicates with WinSkan fellow call sign on the side of a transmission reception side of
Display in a call sign window
WAV function To sound WAV file to the start and completion of an image transmission possibility
(Morse signal etc. causes to be sounded with WAV file)


WinSkan SSTV for Windows Ver1.10S (shareware Version 219k) download it possible.
It is a transmission passable with Scottie 1, Martin 1 ,PD 120,J 120,and AVT94 mode.
A text input passable (a font, a size designated impossible)

Japanese manual (Help File 340Kb) download it can.

WinSkan SSTV for windows latest version of we apply for it and the method about

Forwarding contents FD1 sheet containing WinSkan SSTV for windows latest version
OnLine Help Japanese Manual
The application price It is crowded) (the carriage one of a new application: 8,000 yen
Mail change Account number: 01570-6-744
Nominal person: Ishizu Kazuhiko
Enter a communication column: an address, name, a call sign without fail
Inquiry tip JA4HM (Ishizu) E-MAIL ja4hm @ hi-ho. or. jp
JA6AQV (Ueda) E-MAIL ja6aqv @ pluto. dti. ne. jp

Others Inquiries inquires with the above electronic mail
Latest information informs in this page at any time

(Tnx Info JA4HM, JA6AQV)