PokeRecorder is a simple voice recorder and easy to use.

Sometimes you just need a nice, simple voice recorder, and the PokeRecorder app fills the proverbial bill. The PokeRecorder can document up to 96 hours of sound. Once made, you can cut to any section of your recordings for playback.

When done, sound files may be saved, and organized, according to the specified time. If there was not sound recorded, the files will not be saved. The PokeRecorder audio files may be shared via e-mail as well as through your favorite social networking sites.


Link to the Android Market
Link to the Amazon appstore

Main Buttons

Recording start
(LongClick: call the standard music app.)
Show recording titles
(Long Click : call the music play-list intent)

Main Menu

Title Input album and speakers name.
Playlist Shows the playlists
Settings Set the following parameters.
  1. Threshold level (%)
    If the sound level is below threshold, the sound is not recorded.
  2. Period of file (min.)
    Time interval to split the audio file.
  3. Maximum duration (Hour)
    The maximum time to run the service.
About Shows the this app's information

Title List

List Click : Select Title and play
Long Click : attaches to e-mail and EverNote
Slider contols the start position at the title sound.
[OK]Button return to the Main screen
[Rename]Button rename title, album and speaker.
[Delete]Button delete the title.

Option menu on title list

Titles sort by Title
Albums sort by Album
Speakers sort by Speaker
Date sort by Recording date

If you have any question, plaese send e-mail.
Message to M's software Lab.