Mr.Jones sent a E-mail to me last week.
That was introduced about him.
I had interest to him then and want to know him more.
Next time I received a CD from him.

I'm a lucky man.
Why It's is feel so good.
Some songs feel like albert.
Some songs feel like steavie.
But there're a saucer full of blues!
And there're a room full of L.A.jones

He has interest to japanese blues band.
He hope play the blues in japan with japanese band.
I hope that too.
I will introduce him to japanese people.

-- bb. Aip.22.1997

← Web Site of L.A.Jones & The Blues Messengers

L.A.Jones just has a new CD out "Live at the Dead Goat Saloon"
That's my pleasure!!

-- bb. Sep.1.1998

Jumpin at Shadows / L.A.Jones & The Blues Messengers BB03 Barking Blues Music

@I Am a Loner AShe Can't Not Be Satisfied BStop Now CGoing' on the Road
DPick Up the Pieces ELong Distance Love FGirl I Been Dreamin' About
GI Get the Job Done HJumpin' at Shadows ISomewhere in Your Heart


-- bb. 記 1997年4月22日

from his liner notes --(彼自身の解説から)

This is my third recording and I am very proud of it.
I have used three special guests on it which I will make mention of in the following paragraphs.
Special guest,"Magic" Dave Therault,makes his recording debut here.
He is a pioneer in developing a style for playing jazz standards on a diatonic harmonica, an approach rarely heard.
He has evolved a technique witch can be considered a further innovation for applying the harmonica to the blues.
This allows him to imitate the B-3 organ to an uncanny degree.
For an example of therault's "B-3"style give a listen to "Pick up the Pieces" and the title track,"Jampin' at Shadows."
I want to emphasize the fact that no keyboads were used on this recording!

--an omission under--(以下省略)

今日彼から、今月の19日にYOKO NAKAYAMAさんという日本人女性と結婚するという連絡がありました。

--bb 記 1997年5月15日

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