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Mr.Hurricane Ramon sent me a E-mail.
Hurricane is a good harmonica player and good partner of Chan Romero.
We knew each other last year.

This time,he told to me about Mr.Chan Romero.
Mr.Chan is a one of great Rock'N'Roll singer and songwriter.
And he has a one of million "Hippy Hippy Shake"
Yes!! That's my most favorite song!!
And I knew his name.
I think this song is a great American song,forever.
I told that to Hurricane.

Few days ago,Mr.Chan sent me two CDs and fine letter.
What a wonderful happening!!
Of course,All are very fine songs.
I hope someday sell Chan's CDs for our people on my own space.
Sell a great music is my pleasure.

Thanks for Hurricane and Chan!

- bluesboy T.Shiraiwa 16 Mar.1998

先週ハーモニカ奏者のハリケーンから一年ぶりくらいの E-mailを貰いました。
私は彼の名前は知ってるということ、"Hippy Hippy Shake"は大好きだということをRESしました。


Fifities Flash Back - Chan Romero 1994 Warrior Records

All songs are feel a view of good old days.
And all songs bring to me delightful feeling.
Above all,"Hippy Hippy Shake""Drowning' in My Tears"and "My Love"is Greatest.
I like his voices.
That's tenderly and full of warm heart.
Please touch his songs you too.


1 I Don't Want You Fooling With MY Heart
2 My Little Ruby
3 I Don't Care Now
4 Love's Imitation
5 Hippy Hippy Shake
6 Trying to Forget
7 I Want Some More
8 Thrill Me So Much
9 Drownin' In My Tears
10 My Love
11 The Wind (Instrumental)

Rock & Roll Santa Claus - Warrior WR-7320-2

Joyful Xmas CD including two Chan's songs.
Nice music are there!


1 Rock & Roll Santa Claus / Chan Romero
2 It's Christmas / Chan Romero
3 Country Christmas / David Alan Peen
4 Letter to Santa / David Alan Peen

A Letter from Chan.

Thank you Mr.Chan

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